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Bath design can be a challenge, with limited spaces and layouts. Working together we can achieve the desired outcome. Our goals are beauty with function.

Curly Maple Barkline Maple


Our cabinets are all custom made to order. They are made with 3/4" cabinet grade plywood case, 3/4" solid maple drawers, and all exterior of cabinet is of the hardwood lumber of your choice. We will work with you to get the unique design and look the you want. We specialize in commercial clear finishes to bring out the grain, natural color and beauty of the wood. We at Tracy's Fine Carpentry also install everything we make to insure quality of the project.

Barkline Cherry Rustic Butternut Rustic Soft Maple

Church Reproduction
We can duplicate church woodwork to blend into the old. Our goal is that the new work looks like it has been there as long as the existing. The craftsman in the past left a legacy in the historical churches. For us to reproduce this is a tall order, but we are up to the challenge.


Our closet shelving and cabinetry is made from solid hardwoods, with a design that you create, with our help. Only you know what will work for your dream closet. Together we can make beauty and convenience come together in harmony.

Shoe Rack Red Cedar Closet Red Cedar Closet


Our doors are made from solid hardwoods. There are no veneers. They are mortised and tenoned together for strength and durability that will last for years to come. We can help you to get the design that fits your home.

Elm Doors

Custom made furniture is something that can make your home stand out from others and enhance the beauty of the surrounding environment. We at Tracy's Fine Carpentry can create a one of a kind piece, with your individual input, that we can all be proud of. Cherry Table Teak Table Teak Table Ash Bedroom furniture

General Woodworking

Our projects are all made to order in house with locally harvested trees. We take the lumber from the mill and dry it in our own dry kiln. This way we process the lumber from start to finish to insure quality of the product. Our work is meant to last a lifetime. We can install everything that we make.

T&G Ceilng

Hardwood Floors

We at Tracy's Fine Carpentry can make and install the width and species the you desire. Our floors are sanded and finished after laid in the home. Our floors are installed with quality and craftsmanship from years ago.


We will work with you to achieve the design and layout that fits your kitchen space. There is no limit to what can be accomplished. Let your dreams come true with Tracy's Fine Carpentry in your kitchen.

More Kitchens

Clear Finished Walnut Clear Finished Walnut roll-outs over refrigerator Narrow adjustable roll-out shelves Clear Finished Curly Maple Clear Finished Curly Maple


At Tracy's Fine Carpentry we make and assemble stairway components. A hardwood staircase can be a focal point of a room. We construct with old craftsman jointery and technique that will last for generations.

Ash Stairway


Custom wood trim can transform your home to a new level of elegance. Using our profile grinder we can make knives to reproduce and match any trim. We also have in stock designs. Let us at Tracy's Fine Carpentry look at your project for advice and ideas.

T&G Ceiling Oak

Victorian Gingerbread Reproduction

We can duplicate any gingerbread or trim. We just need samples of the old piece to be copied. Sometimes it can be done with a picture and measurements. The houses from this era are beautiful examples of craftsmanship that are fun and satisfying to restore. Let us at Tracy's Fine Carpentry help you bring one of these masterpieces back to life.

Wood Turnings Reproductions

We can replicate wood turnings up to 8 feet long.

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